PhD Research Projects:

  • Automatic detection of semantic concordance between images and texts in natural language
    • by Aldo Algorry

Research Proyects with the help involvement of the Computing Engineering students, with student grants and internship:

  • HPC Cluster with low consumption:
    • Cluster compossed with 4 Nvidia Shield units, each one with four ARM Cortex A-57 processors and 256 cuda cores.
    • by Diego Provinciani and Julian Morales
  • Cluster with SoC Odroid U3:
    • Cluster compossed with SoC (System on Chip) Odroid U3 units, ARM Cortex A9 processors, four cores each.
    • Instalation of MPI library
    • by Diego Garbiglia
  • Image Recognizing using deep learning:
    • Previous research implementation using convolutional neural networks
    • Framework Caffe, over 32 cores parallel machine and NVIDIA boards
    • by Luis Aguilar
  • Parallel Computing Java library over Odroid U3:
    • Library instalation with Java 8 over ARM Cortex A9 processor
    • Parallel algorithm testing
    • by Fabian Wolfmann, Agustin Colazo and Nicolas Pasaglia